FOLLOW JESUS! Jesus encourages, “…PRAY SO THAT YOU WILL NOT FALL INTO TEMPTATION. THE SPIRIT IS WILLING, BUT THE BODY IS WEAK” [Mt 26:41 NI]{Lk 13:34}.  Jesus complains, “O JERUSALEM, JERUSALEM … HOW OFTEN I HAVE LONGED TO GATHER YOUR CHILDREN TOGETHER, AS A HEN GATHERS HER CHICKS UNDER HER WINGS, BUT YOU WERE NOT WILLING” [Mt 23:37 NI]. Many are willing to come to Jesus but they are not willing to give up their favorite sins or their manmade religious teachings or their life style, etc.  Many think it will be hard to follow Jesus and do not believe Jesus when He said, “THE WORK THAT I ASK YOU TO ACCEPT IS EASY. THE LOAD I GIVE YOU TO CARRY IS NOT HEAVY” Mt 11:30 IC. Are you willing to believe Jesus and follow Him? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures