ETERNAL LIFE WITH GOD IS MOST IMPORTANT! Jesus warns that we will be betrayed by relatives and friends and “SOME OF YOU WILL BE KILLED” [Lk 21:16 TL]. Many are concerned about their life on this earth, yet our eternal life is more important. God speaks favorable of people who DID NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF DEATH” [Rev 12:14 IC]. Remember Jesus tells us “DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THOSE WHO KILL THE BODY” [Lk 12:4 NI]. Our eternal life is much more important than the short time we spend on earth.  Jesus encourages, “THE PERSON WHO CONTINUES TO BE STRONG UNTIL THE END WILL BE SAVED” [Mt 24:13 IC]. Do you love God more than your life? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures