TAKE CARE OF THE BODY GOD GAVE YOU! Jesus encourages us to “ALWAYS BE READY” [Mt 24:44 GN] for His return or second coming. Many people try to be spiritually ready for Jesus’ return and this is good. As we review the events preceding His return we may need to be also physically ready as Jesus talks about people needing to “RUN AWAY TO THE MOUNTAINS”  [Mt 24:16 IC]{Mk 13:14}{Lk 21:21} which may not be limited to people in just one area of the world such as Judea as Jesus mentioned.  Considering another physical concern, Jesus mentions that in those days “IT WILL BE HARD FOR WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT” [Mt 24:19 IC]. Being physically ready for Jesus return may be as simple as surviving physically. In many parts of the world godly people are not taking care of themselves physically where the idea of running or even walking fast for any distance including up a mountain is not conceivable. Be aware there are false teachers that “DECEIVE MANY” [Mt 24 :11 KJ], some even teach that certain people will avoid those difficult days and there will be a secret coming even though Jesus teaches His coming will be like lightening “THAT CAN BE SEEN EVERYWHERE” [Mt 24:27 IC], some even deceive people into thinking they are so special they will be chosen to avoid these hard times ignoring that Jesus informs us GOD WILL MAKE THAT TIME SHORT TO HELP THE PEOPLE HE HAS CHOSEN” [Mt 24 22 IC] and some even predict when all this will take place although Jesus makes it clear that no one knows except “MY FATHER ONLY” [Mt 24:36 KJ]. Be ready for Jesus return with your whole body, spiritually and physically. Are you physically ready for Jesus’ return?                       Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures