BELIEVE JESUS! Jesus tells us His return “WILL BE SEEN BY EVERYONE. IT WILL BE LIKE LIGHTNING FLASHING IN THE SKY THAT CAN BE SEEN EVERYWHERE” [Mt 24:27 IC]{Lk 17:24}. Many believe a manmade teaching (if we check history it may be a woman made teaching from the 1830’s) that Jesus will return secretly for some people, utilizing a quote from Paul, often referred to by a word from the Latin bible "the rapture". When we follow the “TRUTH” of Jesus we know the secret stuff is a deception that will cause many to be disappointed. Jesus also revealed to John,  “LOOK, JESUS IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS! EVERYONE WILL SEE HIM …” [Rev 1:7 IC]. Be “FREE” [Jn 8:32] from false teachings by just following Jesus. Do you know everyone will see Jesus come?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures