READY OR NOT JESUS IS COMING! Jesus compares His return to the days of Noah where people were living normally “YET THEY DID NOT REALIZE WHAT WAS HAPPENING UNTIL THE FLOOD CAME AND SWEPT THEM ALL AWAY” [Mt 24:37-39 GN]{Lk 17:27} making the point that we should “ALWAYS BE READY” [Mt 24:42 IC]. Jesus uses several illustrations about people being taken away when He returns and when asked where they will be taken He responds “WHERE THERE IS A DEAD BODY, THERE THE VULTURES WILL GATHER” [Lk 17:37 NI]. To be taken away when Jesus returns, could result in eternal death.  Be cautious of manmade teachings where people want to be taken away or "raptured" when Jesus comes back.  Are you ready for Jesus’ return? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures