YOU ARE FORGIVEN! Jesus says holding the cup, “THIS IS MY BLOOD WHICH BEGINS THE NEW AGREEMENT THAT GOD MAKES WITH HIS PEOPLE. THIS BLOOD IS POURED OUT FOR MANY TO FORGIVE THEIR SINS” [Mt 26:28 IC]. Jesus says, "THIS CUP SHOWS THE NEW AGREEMENT THAT GOD MAKES WITH HIS PEOPLE"[Lk 22:20 IC]. What is the new agreement or the new covenant? God loved the world so much that He gave us His only Son with the conditional new agreement "THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM MAY NOT DIE BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE"[Jn 3:16 GN]. The sign of the new agreement is the cup that reminds us that Jesus blood "BEGINS THE NEW AGREEMENT" when Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice as His "BLOOD IS POURED OUT FOR MANY TO FORGIVE THEIR SINS"[Mt 26:28 IC]. Yes, forgiveness of our sins is essential to our having eternal life. This is the "NEW AGREEMENT"[Jer 31:31-34 IC] God promised through Jeremiah although unfortunately many "PEOPLE WHO SHOULD HAVE THE KINGDOM" [Mt 8:12 IC] did not embrace the new agreement. When we believe in Jesus and follow Him totally, we remember everything He said and did by eating bread to remind us of His body and by drinking from a cup of the fruit of the vine to remind us of His blood poured out for us, our belief life style results in our having "ETERNAL LIFE" [Jn 6:54 GN]. By believing in Jesus totally we will continue to live after our bodies die. We will "NOT BE JUDGED"[Jn 5:24 GN]. Do you LIKE being forgiven?                  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures