DO WHAT GOD WANTS! Jesus told God “NOT WHAT I WANT, BUT WHAT YOU WANT” [Mt 26:39 GN]{Lk 22:42}{Mk 14:36}. Jesus our role model gave us an awesome example of being willing to do what God wants as He was facing arrest, painful mistreatment and a slow painful death. Like any normal human being, Jesus was asking if there was any other way to accomplish what God wanted without having to suffer.  Jesus tells us to enter the kingdom of heaven we need “OBEY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN” [Mt 7:21 TL] which at times may not be what we want to do. When Jesus tells us to follow Him including His example, we need to “DENY”  [Lk 9:23] ourselves, which may be difficult at times without God’s help. Be encouraged to put God first in our lives and seek God’s help to obey Him. Do you do what God wants? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures