BE BAPTIZED! God said concerning Jesus, “THIS IS MY SON … OBEY HIM”  [Lk 9:35 GN]. Jesus says, “THOSE WHO LOVE ME WILL OBEY MY TEACHING” [Jn 14:23 GN].  Many claim they love Jesus but do not obey Him. One of Jesus most elementary teachings is “WHOEVER BELIEVES AND IS BAPTIZED WILL BE SAVED” [Mk 16:16 GN], so it is good to be baptized, believing by itself is not enough. Jesus, our role model, gave us an example by being baptized at the beginning of His ministry. Many have read Jesus statement and decide once they are baptized they are saved so they no longer continue obeying Jesus. When Jesus tells us to “OBEY MY TEACHING” we are not to just obey some and not others. Being baptized may be one of the first acts of obedience but we must continue to obey Jesus in all our life. Jesus our role model told John to baptize Him because “I MUST DO ALL THAT IS RIGHT” [Mt 3:15 TL]. Are you baptized?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures