YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN DEMONS! Jesus commands, “AWAY FROM ME, SATAN! FOR IT IS WRITTEN: `WORSHIP YAHVEH, YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY’” {Dt 6:13}[Mt 4:10 ET]{Lk 8:14}. Many people are afraid of Satan/demons even though Jesus very clearly has given us “AUTHORITY [Lk 10:19] over the enemy.  Jesus encourages us to “NOT BE AFRAID” [Jn 14:27 NI] and tells us to “FEAR ONLY GOD” [Mt 10:28 TL] yet followers of Jesus are still afraid of the enemy.  Obviously the enemy is the one who benefits most if we are afraid to cast him out. Do you take authority in the “NAME” of Jesus to “CAST OUT DEMONS” [Mk 16:17 NKJ]? Some have made up teachings that only certain people can cast out demons. Yes Jesus tells us the only people who can cast out demons in His name are “BELIEVERS” [Mk 16:17 GN].  If we are a believer, we need to seek God’s help in Jesus’ name to not be afraid and use the authority Jesus has given us to cast out demons. Do you use authority over the enemy? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures