DIRECT PEOPLE TO GOD! Jesus called to fishermen, “COME WITH ME, AND I WILL TEACH YOU TO CATCH PEOPLE” [Mt 4:19 GN]{Mk 1:17}. How did Jesus teach them to catch people?  One time when Jesus sent out people in ministry He told them to tell people about the “KINGDOM OF GOD” [Lk 10:9] and to “HEAL THE SICK, RAISE THE DEAD, CURE THE LEPERS, AND CAST OUT DEMONS” [Mt 10:8 TL].  Telling people about God is a constant theme in Jesus ministry. Even when Jesus healed people it was common for them to thank Jesus and then praise God for their healing. Apparently Jesus made an effort to direct people to God for example immediately before raising Lazarus from the dead Jesus looked up and said, “FATHER, THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME” [Jn 11:41 TL] for the benefit of those watching.  It is good to pray for people’s healing and for the dead to come back to life and to cast out demons. Most of all tell people about God and how wonderful He is and what a blessing it is to know God and His son Jesus.  Do you tell about God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures