IGNORE PEOPLE AND FOLLOW JESUS! Jesus tells us we are blessed when “PEOPLE WILL SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU AND HURT YOU. THEY WILL LIE AND SAY ALL KINDS OF EVIL THINGS ABOUT YOU BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW ME” [Mt 5:11 IC]{Lk 6:22}. Our world is so immersed with all kinds of evil that their hatred against people who love and follow Jesus is increasing. Many who love Jesus also follow other religious teachings and unfortunately not only evil people but also religious friends will mistreat us as our following of Jesus increases.  One of the reasons Jesus tells us we are blessed is because everyone who follows Jesus has “A GREAT REWARD WAITING FOR YOU IN HEAVEN” [Mt 5:12 IC].  Even though Jesus compares our mistreatment to prophets of old, few of us really consider mistreatment for following Jesus a blessing.  Our eternal life is much more important than our short life on earth. Jesus reminds us that even though our earthly bodies die “THOSE WHO LIVE AND BELIEVE IN ME WILL NEVER DIE” [Jn 11:26 GN]. Keep looking at God and seeking His help to stay strong during times of mistreatment and stay focused on God and doing what He wants and our eternal reward.  Do you ignore people and just follow Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures