RESIST LUST! Jesus informs us “ANYONE WHO LOOKS AT A WOMAN LUSTFULLY HAS ALREADY COMMITTED ADULTERY WITH HER IN HIS HEART” [Mt 5:28 NI].   Jesus gets right to the core of sin. It is our “EVIL THOUGHTS” [Mk 7:21] that precede the act of sin and our “EVIL THOUGHTS” that contaminate us spiritually.  Some would like to think that they can play around sexually and as long as they do not actually have sexual intercourse, they have not committed adultery. Jesus keeps it simple and tells if we even have thoughts of sex or lust for another person, we have sinned in our heart.  Yes, it applies to women also and if you are unmarried remember Jesus tells us “FORNICATION” [Mk 7:21 NRS] is also a sin.  As followers of Jesus we are called to a higher standard in addition to eliminating acts of sin to eliminate thoughts of sin. Do you resist sin thoughts? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures