TRUST GOD! When discouraging people from taking oaths or vows by swearing, Jesus contrasts us with God’s ability stating, “BECAUSE YOU CANNOT MAKE ONE HAIR WHITE OR BLACK” [Mt 5:36 NKJ]. Yes, people can and do dye their hair but only God, who “CREATED THE WORLD” [Mk 13:19 NI] and us, can really change the color of our hair. Intelligent people understand that God “MADE YOU IN YOUR MOTHER'S WOMB” [Jer 1:5 IC] but few live like God is physically involved in their life throughout the years, including as we age and our hair turns white. Many obey God’s guidance about sin but few seek God’s guidance concerning taking care of the body He gave us, including our food and drink and exercise.  Some believers are convinced by ignorant people (anyone who does not believe in God is ignorant) that physical factors are predetermined in our bodies like when our hair turns white. Let God guide us in every way so even if we die tomorrow, we can be confident that we lived a life acceptable to God spiritually and physically. Do you trust God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures