BE JESUS POLITICALLY CORRECT! Just like today, in Jesus’ day there were times where people with legal authority mistreated others. One of the offensive practices was to force someone to carry stuff for a mile. In some societies the politically correct response would be civil disobedience. Others would consider the politically correct response would be to organize protests; others would be rebellion or rioting, etc.  The Jesus politically correct response was “IF ONE OF THE OCCUPATION TROOPS FORCES YOU TO CARRY HIS PACK ONE MILE, CARRY IT TWO MILES” [Mt 5:41 GN].  Yes, the Jesus politically correct response is not what feels natural to most of us. It is almost as unnatural to us as when Jesus teaches “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES” [Mt 5:44 KJ]. We who follow Jesus are called to a higher standard than what come natural to us. Are you Jesus politically correct? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW  go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures