TRUST GOD! After Jesus tells us to “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, PRAY FOR THOSE WHO HURT YOU” [Mt 5:44 IC], Jesus reminds us, “YOUR FATHER CAUSES THE SUN TO RISE ON GOOD PEOPLE AND ON BAD PEOPLE, YOUR FATHER SENDS RAIN TO THOSE WHO DO GOOD AND TO THOSE WHO DO WRONG” [Mt 5:45 IC]. Jesus is using God who frequently treats everyone the same as an example for us. Sun and rain are essential for growth of plants and very necessary for our survival. God allows bad people to be blessed along with good people.  Sometimes good people resent that bad people are being blessed along with good people being blessed. At times too much sun can cause damage and too much rain can result in flooding and destruction. When people die as a result of actions of evil people or as a result of storms involving rain, many question how God could allow this to happen. God also allows bad things to happen “ON GOOD PEOPLE AND ON BAD PEOPLE”. People are sometimes troubled by the presence of evil people in their world, forgetting Jesus tells us in a story about God and bad people, as the God person in the story said “LET BOTH GROW TOGETHER UNTIL THE HARVEST” [Mt 13:30 KJ]. God can wait until the end times to punish bad people. Although at times God specifically blesses people and specifically punishes people in the now, generally God is patient with bad people and allows them to enjoy the same blessings or the same bad results as good people, possibly hoping some will change. How can people who believe in Jesus and follow God be personally blessed? Two of the ways Jesus tells us are “THING YOU SHOULD WANT MOST IS GOD'S KINGDOM AND DOING WHAT GOD WANTS” [Mt 6:33 IC] and “THIS … IS HOW YOU SHOULD PRAY … DAILY …” [Mt 6:9-13 NI]. When praying daily it is good to mention love ones and people of importance to us, realizing that praying God’s “WILL BE DONE” can override our desires. Be careful to trust God in every situation. Remembering for some of us, the most wonderful blessing we can receive is to go be with God and Jesus when our bodies die. Do you trust God?   Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures