DO WHAT GOD WANTS! A very important part of Jesus’ teaching us to pray daily to God is the words “MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” [Mt 6:10 GN]. Some claiming to follow God, develop followers by quoting scriptures to appeal to what people desire and want, by appealing to people’s desire to “BE GREEDY”, by appealing to people’s “PRIDE”, by appealing to people’s desire “TO DO IMMORAL THINGS” [Mk 7:21-22 GN] and to other sinful desires.  Jesus teaches us that the person that will enter heaven is the person “WHO DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN” [Mt 7:21 NI] which may not always be our will or what we want. Seeking to do God’s will is not an option. One of the greatest warriors in history, King David, asked God, “Shall I go and attack …” [2 Sa 5:19 NI] before going into battle against their enemies even though he had been successful many times before against their enemies. Unfortunately he neglected to consult God before committing adultery. We need to seek to know and do what God wants all the time not just some of the time.  Jesus, God’s Son and our role model, when faced with one of the biggest decisions of His life on earth told God, “NOT WHAT I WANT, BUT WHAT YOU WANT” [Mt 26:39 GN]. Not only should we pray daily for what God wants to be done on earth and in our lives, just like what He wants is done in heaven, we need to also be open to God’s guidance or ask God what He wants in every aspect of our lives. We need to totally “DENY” [Lk 9:23] ourselves and our wants and submit to God 100%. Do you seek God's guidance all the time? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures