PRAY TO NOT BE TEMPTED! Jesus tells us to pray “DAILY” asking God “DO NOT LEAD US INTO TEMPTATION” [Mt 6:11-13 NKJ]{Lk 11:4}. Jesus understood how important this request can be as He was led by God’s “Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil”  [Mt 4:1 NKJ] at the beginning of His ministry. Yes, Jesus overcoming being tempted helped Him be stronger in His ministry but we should not seek such testing when it is not initiated by God or we may risk offending God by putting “GOD TO THE TEST”  [Mt 4:7 NI]. God can help us from temptation many ways such as not realizing we have an opportunity to sin or not being in a situation where we could sin or simply not having a desire to sin or preventing others from encouraging us to sin, etc. Later when we realize we were prevented from sin by lack of realization or awareness or desire etc we need to praise God for keeping us from temptation and answering our “DAILY” prayer and for delivering “US FROM EVIL”, instead of regretting missing the opportunity to sin.  One of simplest acts of showing our love for Jesus is by obeying His “TEACHING” [Jn 14:23 NI] and praying the daily prayer He teaches us to pray. Do you pray against temptation? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures