FORGIVE! Jesus tells us to ask God daily in our prayers to “FORGIVE US OUR SINS, JUST AS WE HAVE FORGIVEN THOSE WHO HAVE SINNED AGAINST US” [Mt 6:9-12 TL].  All of us sin and it is good to seek forgiveness. Notice it is conditional just like many other things Jesus teaches such as eternal life is available only for everyone who “BELIEVES” [Jn 3:16] in Jesus and remaining in Jesus love is based on the condition of “OBEY MY COMMANDS” [Jn 15:10 NI].  To be sure we do not miss the conditional aspect about forgiveness Jesus restates “FOR IF YOU FORGIVE MEN WHEN THEY SIN AGAINST YOU, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL ALSO FORGIVE YOU.  BUT IF YOU DO NOT FORGIVE MEN THEIR SINS, YOUR FATHER WILL NOT FORGIVE YOUR SINS” [Mt 6:14-15 NI]{Mk 11:26}.  We must forgive others to be forgiven. A key aspect in loving others is to forgive them. Notice Jesus did not qualify or limit who we must forgive. Our forgiveness must include everyone including our “ENEMIES” [Mt 5:44]. With some we may need God’s help to forgive. Do you forgive? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures