MAKE GOD MOST IMPORTANT IN YOU LIFE! Jesus teaches us, “WHEN YOU FAST …” or as an easier to understand translation reads, “WHEN YOU GIVE UP EATING …” [Mt 6:16 IC], then Jesus goes on to encourage not giving the appearance of fasting and concludes by saying people who try to get attention for fasting “HAVE RECEIVED THEIR REWARD IN FULL” [Mt 6:16 NI]. It is amazing how people who are aware of what Jesus says, will tell others they are fasting and even announce how long they have been fasting, even though announcing it verbally would appear to be also discouraged as trying to give the appearance of fasting.  People may fast because they have a major concern they are bringing before God or another personal reason or because God tells them to fast, etc. Jesus goes on to assure us that if we fast only for God to know, then God “WHO SEES WHAT IS DONE IN SECRET, WILL REWARD YOU” [Mt 6:18 NI]. Be encouraged to remember this last statement about keeping it between you and God any effort made in your relationship with God, including how long you spend in prayer or how much you give to God or any act of obedience such as refraining from sex or alcohol, etc. If you are in a religion that requires certain acts of obedience, be encouraged seek God’s guidance so you are not just following manmade rules. While fasting, it is good to seek God and if you feel hungry or weak it may help to remember how our role model Jesus said one time, “MY NOURISHMENT COMES FROM DOING THE WILL OF GOD WHO SENT ME” [Jn 4:34 TL]. Another time when Jesus had been fasting and the tempter tried to get Him to eat, Jesus said, “MAN DOES NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD” [Mt 4:4 NI]. Note: if you are exposed to manmade teachings that deify the bible, Jesus refers to “THE MOUTH OF GOD” not all scripture.  Also remember Jesus said “WHEN YOU FAST …” not “if you fast”. Be encouraged to seek God and to know God better in every way possible. Do you fast? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures