PRAISE GOD! Jesus says, “DO NOT MAKE A BIG SHOW … SO THAT PEOPLE WILL PRAISE  Mt 6:2 (GN).  Jesus talks about doing something nice for someone and then letting everyone know so people will praise you and give you honor. He then states“I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, THEY HAVE RECEIVED THEIR REWARD IN FULL” [Mt 6:2 NI]. It is important to remember that Jesus who God has given authority to judge says, “HE WILL REWARD EACH PERSON ACCORDING TO WHAT HE HAS DONE” [Mt 16:27 NI].  When we see others seek praise and honor from people, remember that may be all they get. It is better to be humble so that people will praise God and Jesus, and God will reward you. Do you encourage praise for God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures