FOLLOW ONLY GOD! Jesus teaches, “DO NOT STORE UP … TREASURES ON EARTH … BUT STORE UP … TREASURES IN HEAVEN … FOR WHERE YOUR TREASURE IS, THERE YOUR HEART WILL BE ALSO” [Mt 6:21 NI]{Lk 12:33}. Be careful of manmade teachings that encourage being rich in our earthly life and justify serving money while claiming to be Christians. Jesus is very clear that “YOU CANNOT SERVE BOTH GOD AND MONEY” [Mt 6:24 NI].   Jesus says, “THE THING YOU SHOULD WANT MOST IS GOD'S KINGDOM AND DOING WHAT GOD WANTS. THEN ALL THESE OTHER THINGS YOU NEED WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU” [Mt 6:33 IC].  Be concerned with what God wants not what you want. Are your treasures in heaven? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures