TRUST GOD TO TAKE CARE OF YOU! Jesus tells us “DO NOT WORRY” [Mt 6:25 NI]{Lk 12:22} about things in our lives and then gives us some very practical guidance about how God will take care of us “IF YOU GIVE HIM FIRST PLACE IN YOUR LIFE AND LIVE AS HE WANTS YOU TO”  [Mt 6:33 TL].  We all need to “SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS” [Mt 6:33 NKJ] as a more literal translations puts it and trust God to look after us. Unfortunately even if we make an effort to do this, we may at times be faced with unreasonable fears and worries. At times no matter how logical we may reason that God will provide for us and we may even remember many times how God has taken care of us, we may find ourselves fighting what appears to be a losing battle against worries and doubts. At those times we may need to remember that the “ACCUSER” [Rev 12:10] or devil “IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF LIES” [Jn 8:44 NI] and resist the lying worries and doubts from the enemy and use spiritual warfare by using the power of Jesus’ “NAME” [Mk 16:17]. Always remember that Jesus has given you authority “TO OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY; NOTHING WILL HARM YOU”  [Lk 10:19 NI] including the lying worries and doubts from the enemy.  Do you resist worry and doubts? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures