HONOR GOD'S NAME! Jesus tells us to pray to God daily, “MAY YOUR HOLY NAME BE HONORED” [Mt 6:9 GN]{Lk 11:2}. What can we do to bring honor to God’s holy name?  God told Moses “YAHVEH … IS MY NAME FOREVER; THIS IS WHAT ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS ARE TO CALL ME" [Ex 3:15 ET]. In our private prayer time and with special people such as people who like Jesus Worldview, we may honor God by using the name He prefers, “YAHVEH”. With others and non-believers we may prefer use the word “God”. If we represent ourselves as children of God, we bring honor to God’s name by doing what He says for example when He said concerning Jesus, “OBEY HIM!” [Mt 17:5 IC]. We bring honor to God when we love God “WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL AND MIND AND STRENGTH” {Dt 6:4-5} and we “LOVE OTHERS AS MUCH AS YOURSELF” {Lev 19:18}[Mk 12:30-31 TL]. We bring honor to God’s name when we “TELL WHAT GREAT THINGS GOD HAS DONE FOR YOU” [Lk 8:39 NKJ]. As people who follow Jesus and His Father, our heavenly Father, we bring honor to God’s holy name when we make an effort in our lives to “SIN NO MORE” [Jn 5:14 KJ]. Be encouraged to live a life that brings honor to our heavenly Father’s name. Do you honor God's name? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures