LISTEN TO AND FOLLOW GOD! Jesus says, “THE ROAD THAT LEADS TO HELL IS A VERY EASY ROAD” but the road to eternal life “IS VERY HARD. ONLY A FEW PEOPLE FIND THAT ROAD.” [Mt 7:13-14 IC]{Lk 13:24}. A popular subject in manmade teachings is to make everyone believe they are going to heaven. Many get the impression when they attend funeral services that everyone who dies is going to spend eternity with Jesus. Jesus tells us not to “JUDGE” [Mt 7:1] others. Not judging can be telling someone bad stuff like they are going to hell but also judging can be saying good stuff like telling them they are going to have eternal life in heaven. We are not the ones who make the eternity judgment decision either way.  Jesus tells us to enter the kingdom of heaven we need “OBEY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN” [Mt 7:21 TL]. Only we know if we are really obeying God.  Obey God and be one of the “FEW”. Are you one of the few? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures