LISTEN TO GOD NOT FALSE PROPHETS! Jesus teaches to “WATCH OUT FOR FALSE PROPHETS” [Mt 7:15 NI]. Jesus goes on to point out that they are “DISGUISED AS HARMLESS SHEEP” [Mt 7:15 TL] but “ARE REALLY DANGEROUS LIKE WOLVES” [Mt 7:15 IC].  How do we guard against them? Jesus goes on to teach “BY THEIR FRUIT YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THEM” [Mt 7:20 NI]. If we stop there, we then have to decide what good fruit is. Many will suggest good fruits may be calling Jesus their Lord or master, or accurately prophesying, or successfully casting out demons in Jesus’ name or praying for peoples’ healing in Jesus name resulting in their healing. Certainly sounds like good fruits. Unfortunately Jesus tells us His response on judgment day to people who rely on such results in their life and ministry will be, “I NEVER KNEW YOU. AWAY FROM ME, YOU EVILDOERS” [Mt 7:23 NI], which is not what anyone wants to hear on judgment day.  Jesus, our “JUDGE” [Jn 5:27] reveals that “ONLY HE WHO DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN” [Mt 7:21 NI] is the person that will get to heaven. Good fruit is doing what God wants. For ourselves we may have a good understanding if we are doing what God wants and obeying Him. Regarding false prophets, it may be more obvious for us to see if we are doing what God wants all the time but to be sure we need to establish good communication with God so we can respond with certainty to a false prophet, “that is not from God”.  Do you and God communicate?                                   Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures