OBEY GOD Jesus made it very clear that to get to heaven, we need to obey God. Then commenting about the people who did not make it to heaven, Jesus stated “ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT MANY WILL CALL ME THEIR LORD. THEY WILL SAY, ‘WE PREACHED IN YOUR NAME, AND IN YOUR NAME WE FORCED OUT DEMONS AND WORKED MANY MIRACLES’” [Mt 7:22 CE]. Jesus knew that some people would think, calling Him “LORD” would get them saved. Others would think, if they saw miracles in their ministry, they would go to heaven. Jesus, who has been given the authority to “JUDGE” [Jn 5:27], states “BUT I WILL TELL THEM, “I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU EVIL PEOPLE’” [Mt 7:23 CE]. Many will ask “what then must we do to be saved”? Jesus keeps it simple, “OBEY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN” [Mt 7:21 CE]. Jesus knows, saying “call Jesus Lord to be saved” is a lie. Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures