BE PERSISTENT! Jesus says, “EVERYONE WHO CONTINUES ASKING WILL RECEIVE” [Mt 7:8 (IC)]{Lk 11:10}. Many people pray to God desiring an immediate result. Most of the time when Jesus prayed for healing, people were healed immediately. A distinct difference is Jesus said that God told Him what to "SAY" [Jn 12:49] and what to "DO" [Jn 14:31]. We need to consult God prior to praying. One illustration is found when Jesus went to a place where there were many sick people. Jesus only went to one of them, who had been sick for 38 years and he did not know who Jesus was. Jesus asked him "DO YOU WANT TO GET WELL?" After receiving a lengthy reply, Jesus said "GET UP! PICK UP YOUR MAT AND WALK" [Jn 5:2-14 NI] and that man was healed. As we believe what Jesus said about God guiding Him, we realize the only explanation for going to that particular man was God's guidance. If we know we are praying what God wants us to pray we will persist even when the results are not immediate. After telling a story about a man responding to his friend's persistence, Jesus said, "CONTINUE TO ASK, AND GOD WILL GIVE TO YOU" [Lk 11:5-9 IC]. One time this century a man’s eyes were healed from wearing glasses, after he prayed for over 25 years. Even then the healing was not immediate as God told him to take off his glasses and his eyes kept getting better for over a year and a half before his vision was good enough to have his restriction removed from his driving license. Jesus our role model ministered to a blind man and then asked “CAN YOU SEE ANYTHING?” [Mk 8:23-25 GN]  After a response that people looked like trees walking around, Jesus placed His hands on him a second time and then he could see normally. Jesus persisted and so should we. Do you persist in your prayers?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures