GOD CAN HEAL MANY WAYS INCLUDING USING DOCTORS! Jesus stated, “HEALTHY PEOPLE DON'T NEED A DOCTOR. ONLY THE SICK NEED A DOCTOR” [Mt 9:12 IC]{Mk 2:17}{Lk 5:31}. Although Jesus was using this statement to communicate why He reached out to sinners, He was also acknowledging the need for Doctors and their skills. At times, some followers of Jesus enjoy laying “HANDS ON THE SICK”  [Mk 16:18] and seeing them get well so much, they consider Medical Doctors unnecessary and some even consider it a lack of faith to use Doctors.  We must remember that “GOD CREATED THE WORLD” [Mk 13:19 NI] which includes everyone and everything.  When we pray for healing, many prefer what Jesus calls “MIRACLES FROM THE FATHER” [Jn 10:32 NI] and God may answer our prayer that way or God may use medical people and medicine or some other way. Do not try to limit God by telling Him how to answer your prayer. Deny yourself and remember “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” [Mt 19:26 NI]. Do you let God do it His way? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures