STOP SINNING! At the beginning of His earthly ministry, one of the first things Jesus encouraged people to do is to “REPENT” [Mk 1:15], which is more than just feeling sorry or regretting a behavior but actually turning away or changing the behavior.  One modern translation made it clear that Jesus said, “TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS” [Mk 1:15 GN]{Mt 4:17}. One characteristic of manmade doctrines is to please people and some have actually made up teachings that people can keep their sins while still saying they are following Jesus. Yes, we can accept Jesus and then work on cleaning up our lives and turning away from our sins. Jesus can help us in making changes and leaving our sinful ways.  Yes, we should turn away from sins like stealing and adultery, etc. We should also turn away from sins in our emotions or mind such as being “ANGRY” [Mt 5:22] and having “LUST” [Mt 5:28]. If a person is uncertain about sin, look to God for guidance as God’s spirit will “CONVICT” [Jn 16:8 NKJ] us of our sins. When a person desires to follow Jesus, a first step is to “REPENT” or “TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS”. For most of us it is an ongoing process, as Jesus provides in the prayer He teaches us to pray daily “FORGIVE US OUR SINS” [Mt 6:12 TL]. Do you make an effort daily to turn away from sin? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures