GOD WANTS TO HEAL YOU! Many people are uncertain if God is willing to heal them. One time a man came to Jesus saying “If You want to, You can make me well again” Jesus responded “I WANT TO! BE HEALED!” [Mk 1:40-41 TL]{Mt 8:3}{Lk 5:13}. Jesus never told someone He did not want to heal them. Always remember Jesus said He said what God told Him to “SAY” [Jn 12:49]. Some times when our healing comes slower than we think it should, we may need to remember Jesus teaches us “CONTINUE TO ASK, AND GOD WILL GIVE TO YOU” [Mt 7:7 IC]. How long? A man with a minor weakness with his eyes that was corrected with glasses, prayed for 25 years and God healed his eyes where he no longer needed glasses. If we believe in God, we may need to persist asking in Jesus’ name as long as we have the need for healing or are in pain and when healed continually thank God for our healing. In our prayers we may want to ask God if there is anything He wants us to do to help our healing. God may recommend a person lose weight or “STOP SINNING” [Jn 5:14 NI], etc. Many times Jesus mentions the role of “FAITH” [Mt 9:22] in healing and if a person prays to God “if it be Your will that I suffer …” it may be hard to say you have faith. There are people who claim God told them He did not want to heal them which may be a deception from the enemy. Many great men and women of God have been misled by the devil at times. If you hear something different than what Jesus teaches, take spiritual authority and ask God again. Do you have faith God wants to heal you? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures