AVOID DIVORCE After a significant discussion with religious leaders about how God did not intend for people to be divorced, Jesus shared with His apprentices "WHOEVER DIVORCES HIS WIFE AND MARRIES SOMEONE ELSE COMMITS ADULTERY" [Mk 10:11 NL]{Mt 19:9}{Lk 16:18}. Yes, He also applied that to the woman who divorces her husband and to the person who marries a divorced person. In a society today where divorce is very common, it would be nice to say it is not a sin but that would not be true. The only comfort that can be given is to remind that like other sins such as murder and theft, adultery as a result of divorce can be forgiven.  Reminder, it is always good to obey Jesus and pray daily "FORGIVE US OUR SINS" [Lk 11:4].  In a parallel teaching on divorce Jesus mentions the exclusion in cases of "UNFAITHFULNESS" [Mt 19:9 GN].  Yes, if a spouse leaves for another person that is valid but many marriages have successfully survived a spouse being unfaithful and repenting. Do you try to avoid sin?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures