GOD IS GOOD! A man came up to Jesus with a question and addressed Jesus as “good teacher”. Jesus immediate response was “WHY DO YOU CALL ME GOOD?”  Then Jesus stated “ONLY GOD IS TRULY GOOD!” [Mk 10:18 TL]{Lk 18:19} Jesus did not like being called a title that belongs to God. Many Christian religions not only give Jesus a godly title but have made up a doctrine claiming Jesus is really God masquerading as Jesus. Over the centuries they have succeeded in convincing most people their doctrine is correct by intimidating and even killing those who disagree while ignoring that Jesus clearly states “I AM THE SON OF GOD” [Jn 10:36 KJ].  Frequently Jesus is recorded as spending time praying to God and a few times we actually have a record of the words He was praying “FATHER, I THANK YOU …” [Jn 11:41] and “MY FATHER, IF…” [Mt 26:39 NI]. Jesus was not deceiving people when He prayed to His Father. Jesus was not lying when He said He is God’s Son. Jesus tells the truth and is the “TRUTH” [Jn 14:6]. Manmade doctrines claiming Jesus is anything other than “THE SON OF GOD” are offensive to Jesus and to God, His Father. Do you know God is good? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures