KILLING IS WRONG! When God gave us the commandment which Jesus quoted, “DO NOT KILL” [Mk 10:19 KJ]{Mt 19:18}{Lk 18:20}, there were no exceptions mentioned. No exceptions which may include unborn babies, old people, sick people, yourself (suicide), enemies, when told to by your government,  etc. There are no exceptions to the command not to kill.  Jesus even discourages getting “ANGRY”  [Mt 5:22] with others.  If you want to get back at your “ENEMIES, PRAY FOR” [Mt 5:44 IC] them to be in God’s will and let God take care of them His way. For most of us it feels unnatural to trust God so much to believe He will “GIVE YOU ALL YOU NEED” [Lk 12:31 TL] and yet greater than trusting God for our food and clothes, etc, is to trust Him for our protection. Jesus teaches us “DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THOSE WHO KILL THE BODY” [Mt 10:28 NI]. For most it is not a natural reaction to “TURN … THE OTHER CHEEK” [Mt 5:39 IC]. For many, our natural instinct is to protect ourselves from being killed by killing if necessary. One time a group of religious neighbors tried to kill Jesus and God protected Jesus [Lk 4:29-30]. Yes, God has at times told people to kill their enemies, God has protected people from their enemies and God has allowed people to be obedient and lose their life.  We need to be obedient to God no matter what the results and “FEAR ONLY GOD WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH SOUL AND BODY IN HELL” [Mt 10:28 TL]. Obeying God includes not killing. Do you avoid killing?                                                Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures