BELIEVE JESUS! Jesus informs us “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR GOD”  [Mk 10:27 GN]{Mt 19:26}. Jesus tells us that what He says is what God tells Him to “SAY” and God is consistent as when God’s messenger told Mary about being Jesus mother he said to Mary, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD” [Lk 1:37 NI]. Yes, many do not believe in Jesus or His birth or everything He says but for those of us who are believers, do we really believe “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR GOD”? We may say we believe yet when a young person dies do we believe God can bring them back to life? Do we believe what medical experts say more than we believe what is possible with God? When a person is born with a disability or a handicap, many believers become experts on the condition but neglect to remember that God can restore the person as “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR GOD”. In Jesus’ ministry there was a man “BORN BLIND” [Jn 9:2-38] and God used Jesus to heal the man. Some will say faith is necessary but in this miracle the man did not even know about Jesus. Faith is good but we must not limit God with our rules. God can answer prayer for help with a test in school, for healing a condition from birth, for bringing a person who has died back to life or for healing a simple cold, etc. Nothing is too small or too big for God. God is without limits as “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR GOD”. Do you believe Jesus?                                         Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures