STAY MARRIED! When asked about divorce, Jesus asked “WHAT DID MOSES SAY ABOUT DIVORCE” [Mk 10:3 TL]{Mt 19:4}?. After they responded that Moses gave them permission to get divorce, Jesus replied, “MOSES WROTE THAT COMMAND FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU REFUSED TO ACCEPT GOD'S TEACHING” [Mk 10:5 IC]. Then Jesus described how from the beginning of creation, God’s way is for a man and a woman to be permanently married [Mk 10:6-8]. Remember God said. “I HATE DIVORCE” [Mal 2:16 NI] and it is a stupid mistake to try to avoid divorce by just living together and committing the sin of “FORNICATION” [Mk 7:21 NRS].  Yes, Jesus tells us that when a divorced person remarries they are “GUILTY OF ADULTERY”  [Mt 19:9 IC] however God can “FORGIVE YOU” [Mt 6:14] and encouraged you to sin no more. Do you LIKE permanent marriage?   To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW  go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures