ULTIMATE SERVICE Jesus made a real life teaching example when two of His apprentices, the Zebedee brothers, sought first places of honor in His final kingdom. After explaining that God was in charge of that decision and that if a person wants to be first or great he must serve others, Jesus used Himself in the example saying He, "DID NOT COME TO BE SERVED. HE CAME TO SERVE. THE SON OF MAN CAME TO GIVE HIS LIFE TO SAVE MANY PEOPLE" [Mk 10:45 IC]{Mt 20:28}. Jesus served us during His few years of ministry by teaching us "THE TRUTH" [Jn 14:6] about our lives, about God and our opportunity for eternal life. Jesus ultimate service to us was "TO GIVE HIS LIFE TO SAVE" us or to pay a ransom vicariously "SO THAT EVERYONE WHO HAS FAITH IN HIM WILL HAVE ETERNAL LIFE AND NEVER REALLY DIE" [Jn 3:16 CE] when our bodies die. Many have provided good details and explanations about why and how Jesus needed to give His life for us but we may need to also remember that God said, "MY WAYS ARE HIGHER THAN YOUR WAYS" [Isa 55:9 ER]. Does God guide you how to serve others? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures