GOD PROVIDES In preparation for a moment of glory near the end of His ministry on earth, when people praised God for Jesus, Jesus instructed two of His apprentices, "GO INTO THE NEXT VILLAGE. AS SOON AS YOU ENTER IT, YOU WILL FIND A YOUNG DONKEY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN RIDDEN. UNTIE THE DONKEY AND BRING IT HERE" [Mk 11:2 CE]{Mt 21:2}{Lk 19:30}. Although God is opposed to us bragging and having "PRIDE" [Mk7:22], in His love for Jesus, God provided a short proud moment for Jesus. Jesus enjoyed this time and when some religious leaders told Him to tell His followers to be quite, He responded "IF THEY KEPT QUIET, THE STONES ALONG THE ROAD WOULD BURST INTO CHEERS" [Lk 19:40 NL].  God in His love for us will provide, just as He provided for Jesus. In the same way, God does not want us to seek material things but if we do what God wants, He will "PROVIDE" [Mt 6:33 GN] for us. Does God provide for you? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures