LET GOD GUIDE YOU The three similar accounts of Jesus,{Matthew, Mark and Luke}, appear to be translations into Greek from several Hebrew oral traditions concerning Jesus, many years after Jesus ministry was completed on Earth. This story about religious leaders questioning Jesus authority is so enjoyable that it was apparently found almost identically in most of the Hebrew oral traditions, as it is almost the same in all three accounts. Jesus was very sharp in not falling into their trap, by trapping them when He asked, "WHEN JOHN BAPTIZED PEOPLE, WAS THAT FROM GOD OR FROM MAN?" [Mk 11:30 IC]. The religious leaders knew they were trapped either way they responded, so they refused to answer.  Then Jesus replied "THEN I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT AUTHORITY I USE TO DO THESE THINGS" [Mk 11:33 IC]{Mt 21:27}{Lk 20:8}. This was a living example of Jesus' teaching "BE AS WISE AS SNAKES AND AS INNOCENT AS DOVES" [Mt 10:16 CE]. In today's evil world, people are becoming bolder in speaking against Jesus. The best way to be wise is to follow Jesus' example and be guided by God on what to "SAY" and "DO" [Jn12:49, 14:31], utilizing God's wisdom. Does God guide you? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures