RESIST PRIDE As Jesus was teaching, He mentioned concerns about religious leaders. The sad thing is that many religious leaders today conduct themselves in ways similar to ways that concerned Jesus. The concerns Jesus had about religious leaders was they enjoyed the pride of wearing important looking robes and being treated with honor in public. They liked having the most important seats up front in church and other public events. They were more concerned about raising money, than the people they were getting it from, who could not afford it. They liked to show off by saying long prayers. Jesus concluded by saying "THESE MEN WILL BE PUNISHED MOST SEVERELY" [Mk12:40 NI]{Mt 23:14}{Lk 20:47}. Although we would like to think people who claim to serve God would know better, the sin of "PRIDE" [Mk 7:22] can affect all of us. Do you resist pride? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures