GIVE AS GOD GUIDES YOU! Jesus criticized rich people who “GAVE ONLY WHAT THEY DID NOT NEED” and complimented a poor widow who “GAVE ALL SHE HAD” Mk 12:44 IC{Lk 21:4}. God tells us to give 10% of what He gives us, also called a “TITHE” [Mal 3:10] which He tells us to bring into the “STOREHOUSE” which is understood as the place we serve and worship God. Some will call everything they give a tithe, others will try to rationalize how little they can give and still call it a tithe. Today we need to be careful as some persuasive people in ministry will try to get as much money as they can from people including their tithe. Let God guide our giving over and above our tithe. Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures