TIME CUT SHORT Jesus tells about the times of trouble and suffering that "WILL BE FAR WORSE THAN ANY THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN" [Mk 13:19 GN] which will happen in the end time, often referred to as the tribulation. Then Jesus informs us "GOD HAS DECIDED TO MAKE THAT TERRIBLE TIME SHORT. IF THAT TIME WERE NOT MADE SHORT, THEN NO ONE WOULD GO ON LIVING. BUT GOD WILL MAKE THAT TIME SHORT TO HELP HIS SPECIAL PEOPLE WHOM HE HAS CHOSEN" [Mk 13:20 IC]{Mt 24:22}. This will come as a shock to many Christians, who have made up teachings that certain special people will avoid the tribulation by being raptured during a secret second coming, even though Jesus is very clear in His warning. There will only be one second coming and it will not be a secret (Mt 24:27, Rev 1:7). Jesus knows the Rapture fantasy is a lie! Do you believe Jesus?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures