LIGHT FROM GOD Jesus says, after the time of trouble or distress or tribulation, "THE SUN WILL GROW DARK. AND THE MOON WILL NOT GIVE ITS LIGHT" [Mk 13:24 IC]{Mt 24:29}. This will be an event that can only be explained by God. It will definitely not be anything someone could say we missed seeing happen, as a few suggest the tribulation has already happened.  Before people will have time to speculate about the sun being dark, Jesus tells us "THEN ALL MANKIND WILL SEE ME, THE MESSIAH, COMING IN THE CLOUDS WITH GREAT POWER AND GLORY" [Mk13:26 TL]. Modern science may suggest that the sun is essential but we learn from Jesus' revelation to John "THEY WILL NOT NEED THE LIGHT OF A LAMP OR THE LIGHT OF THE SUN, FOR THE LORD GOD WILL GIVE THEM LIGHT" [Rev 22:5 NI]. Are you looking forward to light from God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures