JESUS WORDS ARE FOREVER! Millions of people from many different religions love Jesus. It is not uncommon for people in some of these religions to be critical of people in other religions who love Jesus even though Jesus teaches “DO NOT JUDGE” [Mt 7:1 NI]. Most of these religions have teachings that nullify or override some of Jesus’ words even though Jesus clearly states “HEAVEN AND EARTH WILL PASS AWAY, BUT MY WORDS WILL NEVER PASS AWAY” [Mk 13:31 NI]{Mt 24:35}{Lk 21:33}. Remember Jesus is the “THE SON OF GOD” [Jn 10:36] and Jesus words are what God told Him to “SAY” [Jn 12:49]. Any effort to diminish any of Jesus’ words is from Satan. Do you believe all of Jesus’ words? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures