DO NOT BETRAY During the last Passover supper with His apprentices, Jesus said, "THE SON OF MAN WILL DIE, JUST AS THE SCRIPTURES SAY. BUT IT IS GOING TO BE TERRIBLE FOR THE ONE WHO BETRAYS ME. THAT MAN WOULD BE BETTER OFF IF HE HAD NEVER BEEN BORN"  [Mk14:21 CE]{Mt 26:24}{Lk 22:22}. Most agree that Judas betraying Jesus was a terrible thing to do. Yet today, people claim to serve Jesus and follow Him and betray Jesus by telling others things, that Jesus calls sin, are okay. One example is recently a pastor wrote a book telling single people that it is okay for them to have sex even though Jesus calls "FORNICATIONS" [Mk7:21 NKJ] a sin. Some betray Jesus by teaching other manmade teachings and claiming it is from Jesus. The safe thing to do is to only teach what Jesus teaches. Do you betray Jesus or teach Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures