USE JESUS’ NAME FOR POWER! The name Jesus is the most powerful name on earth.  Jesus tells us for believers that “IN MY NAME THEY WILL CAST OUT DEMONS” [Mk 16:17 NKJ]. Jesus tells us the best way to approach God is to “ASK IN MY NAME” [Jn 16:26 NI], remembering that Jesus teaches us, “NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME” [Jn 14:6 NI]. The name came from God, as God had His messenger instruct both Joseph and Mary “YOU ARE TO GIVE HIM THE NAME JESUS” [Mt 1:21, Lk 1:31 NI]. Although the name was originally in Hebrew, we have no written record of the Hebrew name. The earliest translation is in Greek and the name has been translated in many languages around the world. The English translation ‘Jesus’ may be one of the least accurate yet the name Jesus has great power in every translation as the name came from God. The name Jesus has power over demons and it disturbs many people who do not follow Jesus. Asking in Jesus’ name gets God’s attention. Do you use the name Jesus? click here to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures