NO HARM Jesus, talking about believers, states “IF THEY PICK UP SNAKES OR DRINK ANY POISON, THEY WILL NOT BE HARMED” [Mk 16:18 GN]. Sometimes people will pick up poisonous snakes to see if God will protect them, forgetting that Jesus said, “DON’T TRY TO TEST THE LORD YOUR GOD”  [Mt 4:7 CE]. Possibly because some people try to use these words to test God, many would like to pretend Jesus did not say them about snakes, forgetting Jesus also said, “I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY, SO THAT YOU CAN WALK ON SNAKES AND SCORPIONS AND OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY, AND NOTHING WILL HURT YOU” [Lk 10:19 GN].  A nice example is found in the bible when Paul was putting some wood on a fire and a poisonous snake came out and bit him. Paul shook it off into the fire and had no bad effects [Ac 29:3-5]. Do you avoid testing God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures