BELIEVE IN JESUS! Jesus assures us, “BELIEVERS … WILL PLACE THEIR HANDS ON SICK PEOPLE, AND THESE WILL GET WELL” [Mk 16:17-18 GN]. Some people think only special people with the gift of healing can pray for sick people.  Some belong to groups that have manmade teachings that God does not still heal people but the members of those groups usually welcome healing prayers. The only special designation for a person being able to pray for healing is that they be “BELIEVERS”. As a believer you will discover people can be healed through your prayers as Jesus tells us “HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME WILL DO THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO” Jn 14:12 IC. God does the healing and the more people you pray for, the more you will see healed, including unbelievers.  Do you pray for people to be healed?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures