FOLLOWING JESUS IS NEW WINE! Jesus uses a known fact, when He is critical of people who would “PUT NEW WINE INTO OLD WINESKINS” [Mk 2:22 TL]. Many decades ago there was a country where the majority of the people were in religious groups that followed God (Jesus’ Father). Their government was very supportive of their religions, which were like “OLD WINESKINS”. Although they would claim there were differences between their religions, they all celebrated Jesus’ birth (Christmas), Jesus resurrection (Easter) and followed many of the same manmade teachings that overrode or nullified some of Jesus’ teachings. Around that time God drew many people to Jesus who did not have much religious training but just simply loved Jesus and followed Him. These people were called “Jesus People” and they were like “NEW WINE”.  Eventually many of the different religious groups started accepting the Jesus People, telling them “we love Jesus too” and claiming to help them by teaching them the manmade teachings of their religions, which was like diluting new wine by mixing it with the old wine. Eventually the Jesus People disappeared by absorption, although their influence resulted in some religious groups having louder, more exciting music and greater emphasis on God’s spirit in their “OLD WINESKINS”. Today those religious groups are a minority in that country and their government is no longer supportive of them. Many will not understand this teaching. Some will be offended just like religious people were offended by Jesus when He walked the earth. A few will have “EARS TO HEAR” [Mk 4:9 NI] and will understand this teaching. The same few will understand why God had Jesus point out that “NEW WINE CALLS FOR NEW WINESKINS” [Mk 2:22 TL]{Mt 9:17}{Lk 5:38}. A Jesus Person loves Jesus and follows everything Jesus teaches, avoiding all manmade teachings and writings. A Jesus person needs to be around Jesus People who just follow Jesus. Are you in a church that just follows Jesus?                                       Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures