FOLLOW JESUS NOT MANMADE RULES! When God gave us the Ten Commandments, one of them was “THE SEVENTH DAY IS A SABBATH FOR YAHWEH YOUR GOD. YOU SHALL DO NO WORK THAT DAY” [Ex 20:10 NJ].   Though Jesus never taught this commandment verbally, He taught it by His example by going to worship God on the Sabbath and even teaching in the place of worship on that day. Note: Sabbath is from a Hebrew word meaning “rest” or “day of rest”. Many people following God have observed this day by resting and worshipping God every seventh day. For thousands of years people have made up manmade rules for rest on the day. Today an extreme example might be to rest or do no work for some includes driving a car or pushing an elevator button (to get around that rule some invented elevators that stop automatically on every floor on the Sabbath). In the days Jesus walked the earth a manmade rule was “It's illegal to carry that sleeping mat” [Jn 5:10 TL] on the Sabbath. Jesus was criticized because His followers picked some grain to eat as they walk along because some had decided that might be work. Jesus was criticized because He healed people on the Sabbath and as a rebuttal pointed out “IT IS LAWFUL TO DO GOOD ON THE SABBATH” [Mt 12:12 NKJ]. Jesus shared God’s view point when He set us free from manmade rules by informing us “THE SABBATH WAS MADE TO BENEFIT MAN, AND NOT MAN TO BENEFIT THE SABBATH” [Mk 2:27 TL]. Jesus, as God’s Son, assures us He has “AUTHORITY EVEN TO DECIDE WHAT MEN CAN DO ON SABBATH DAY” [Mk 2:28 TL]. Jesus sets us free from manmade rules and teachings. To be free from all manmade teachings and doctrines, just follow Jesus and obey what He teaches and “YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE” [Jn 8:31 GN].  Are you free from manmade rules? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures