POWER AGAINST DEMONS After being accused by religious leaders, “He uses power from the ruler of demons to force demons out of people” [Mk 3:22 ER], Jesus responded first with a rhetorical question, “HOW CAN SATAN CAST OUT SATAN?” [Mk 3:23] or simply communicated “SATAN WILL NOT FORCE HIS OWN DEMONS OUT OF PEOPLE” [Mk 3:23 IC]. Then Jesus used a logical parable or story example and finally a warning ANYONE WHO ·SPEAKS AGAINST [BLASPHEMES] THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN” [Mk 3:29 EX]. Like those religious leaders, people often speak against other religions or people with different beliefs. Remember Jesus teaches us, people “WILL HAVE TO GIVE ACCOUNT ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT FOR EVERY CARELESS WORD THEY HAVE SPOKEN” [Mt 12:36 NI]. If a person is concerned about something, it is better to allow the words of Jesus or God from the bible to correct it, than stating a personal opinion. Yes, Jesus said believers “WILL DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME” [Mk 126:17 GN] and if a demon is discerned, follow Jesus example and let God guide you on what to “DO” [Jn 14:31] since the power to drive out demons comes through God’s spirit.  Do you respect God and His spirit? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures